• I`m intending to buy Pacific 1940. Could anybody tell me are there printed money (IPC) like in older versions? What about battle board… What does it look like. Is it similar to older versions of game (a&a 2004 revised, a&a pacific old) or it is diminished to much ?


  • There is no printed money. I use money from my Europe game, when I play Pacific or 1942. The battleboard is very small, it is more of a battlestrip, the same as in the 1942 game. The battlestrip is also printed wrong. You can notify WOTC by e-mail and they will send a new strip sometime in february. I use the battleboard from the Europe game. There are new units and different values between the games but if you play enough, and remember the attack and defence values, than that shouldn’t be a problem.
    If you want to play a fun and challenging game these issues shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing it. There are a lot of people complaining about the issues, but all in all, I think most people enjoy the game. Hope this helps in your decision.

  • :-( Ok  .Then I will copy my IPCs from the World edition 2004.As for the Battle boar Im not satisfied, I have prefered the big one from older editions. But never mind , I`m going to order it

  • You can find a bigger production chart, battle board and set up cards here:


  • I think the game is well worth it. The map is awesome!! The new units mech inf, and tac bombers seem to fit well into the line up, and it doesn’t take long to see their usefulness. The air/naval bases are very cool once you figure out how they work. They become very important hubs in the Pacific for both attack and defensive purposes. I’m looking forward to how these new units and bases play out in Europe this summer along with the map link-up.

    I know there are some complaints. They put the wrong battle board and production chart in the box (was from AA42 just recently released). Japan could use some more tac bmrs & mech inf. Its my understanding that the company is working on correcting these over sights (not sure about getting more units). The battle board that is supposed to come with the game (seen pictures) looks similar to the older versions in size. As mentioned before no money (IPC’s), most people use money from older versions or poker chips also work very well.

    There are some glitches in the rule book. I would suggest you check out the Errata that Krieghund has posted in this sight for those changes once you have the game. Some have to deal with set-up, but most have to do with the new political rules. It can be a little overwhelming, but if you have questions, someone here will get you a quick response.

  • Are there marines units in the box like in Pacific classic game?

  • @vokac:

    Are there marines units in the box like in Pacific classic game?


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