Where to find and download A&A for Macintosh?

  • I need help finding the Mac version of A&A. There was a website which was hosting a Mac version:


    But it seems their download link for it is down:


    Does anyone know where I can find and download this file: “A&A for Macintosh (alpha.01).sit”? I would like to host some (offline) computer play for a group of dedicated players… I need this game bad! I’m really hoping an A&A fan and Mac user out there snagged this download and can pass it along… or maybe someone knows of another current download source. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful. Thanks. ~BumaTank

  • Well holy shit. I never heard about this. I’m sure when .Mac went up the homepage.mac.com site was lost. Hrm. If it helps, I’ve discovered the shell command to run triplea on 10.2.3.

    Firstly, dump the unzipped triplea folder at the root of your drive, then open up terminal.app and copy/paste the following.

    java -Xincgc -cp /triplea/classes:/triplea/lib/crimson.jar:/triplea/lib/jaxp.jar games.strategy.engine.framework.GameRunner

  • I talked to the guy who runs the site, and is coding AA for the mac.

    Is this still coming to OS X? And what happened to the alpha build? If you
    need someone to host it I’d be happy to do it free of charge, since .Mac will
    cost you 50 bones now.


    Right now A&A for Mac is on hold as I am learning Cocoa to rewrite it for OSX.
    Thanks for the offer to host the game though!

    Check the site now and then for updates.

    Jon Barbero

  • Thanks for the info! Yeah I also suspected maybe the download link went bust after .mac turned into a pay site. I like your thinking with your awesome offer to host the existing alpha version again though. Hmm, I wonder why the author didn’t just go oh cool… here ya go. Well hopefully someone that snagged that alpha download will peek in here yet… hopefully. If you have the ability and desire to host… we really need to get you a copy of that file somehow! The website states the Mac version sports over 75 different units… 75! Yes, this I have to see and play. Anyway, I really appreciate your follow-up. I will give your A&A Terminal hack a try the next time I boot into OSX. Thanks! ~BumaTank

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