• Where can I puchase A&A on cd ?

  • I got my CD from Ebay. I check out the prices of and they range $8.00-19.00 (thats in American dollars.)

  • Brand new from Dirtcheapsoftware.com for $6.50 plus shipping.

  • Or you could download it from here:


  • Harry, didn’t the US lose the war of 1812 and the vietnam war?


  • I did some reserach on those to wars. 1812 no one won the war b/c American and England gain or lose anything so they decide to talk peace. so the war of a draw. Vietnam…well i still looking for that…maybe it might be draw again. i don’t still looking. (edit my post when find it)

  • sry that was me :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Vietnam was officially a “withdrawl”. However, when and why did we withdraw? Because the North Vietnamese were winning and the Tet offensive was taking over

    I met some brits who said that the Revolutionary war was a withdrawl. So either we drew on both the revolution and vietnam, or lost vietnam and won the revolution

  • Too the last Guest post, the revolutionary war? Wasn’t that 1776-1783 or something? The War of 1812 was when the US wanted to conqour what is now Canada and ruthlessly invaded our land. Since we were highly motivated as many of the people here had fled US persecution as refugees(These were known as United Empire Loyalists) after the rebels won the right to govern the 13 colonies we all did rather well pound for pound. In fact, we torched your capital to the ground!!!

    I’m not sure what others call it but if my plan is to invade a foreign country and the result is I get repelled, my capital burned to the ground and losses so great I sue for peace I’d not consider that a draw. But Americans do a great job of acting no wonder you think you have 2 draws…… 🙂 Ah loves ah mer e cans!


  • Just kidding blocky……yeah Americans were upset about the Royal Navy over stepping their bounds and they wanted to show they couldn’t be pushed around. So we declared war and after the two year scuffle was over nobody harrased US shipping anymore. The British did burn our capital to the ground, but Andrew Jackson destroyed the British in New Orleans.

    However, the last war the US fought in was WWII. War has not been declared by Congress in Vietnam, Korea, Panama, the Persian Gulf, or anywhere else since WWII. So we won in The Revolutionary War and withdrew from Vietnam, which by the way was a success.

  • Well, you are right about the Brit Navy. What was their policy? All american sailers were really british traitors even 20 years after king charlie lost it……

    At that time the sun never set on the british empire… Not even god trusted an englishmen in the dark… 🙂

    Thankfully, that sort of tom-foolery has been left far behind. Mind you we feel a bit bitter about the softwood lumber thing… So we just raise the price of oil to you down there, nadda prob 🙂

    I think during 1812 the US crushed the Laker fleet of the British. I believe your victorous admiral reported back to your president “We have met the enemy, and he is mine”, after capturing 1/2 the brit fleet and sinking the other half (or there abouts, you get the picture).

    As for as congress and declarations… A rose by any other name is still… 🙂


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