Want to try Minis but not sure where to start.

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    First off I am a diehard A&A fan, owning every version of the boardgames since the Milton Bradley Edition. Recently i thought i might want to give A&A minis a try but im not sure where to start.  What is necessary for an average “fun” game and how much will it cost? any advice is welcome thanks. How much should i expect to pay to get a 100 pt army? How about if i want a country specific army 100 pt? Also how many points are typical of a game along with common game length time?

  • Here’s a good idea, buy a starter set so you can get maps and counters.  Download and print the revised cards (most of the cards that come with the minis have been revised).  Print the current rules and give it a shot without using any actual units.  Gameplay is 1 hour time limit… at least you’ll get a couple of games played in one night.

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