• Try this 150 pt Axis build:

    KT x 1
    SSPG x 6
    WO x 1
    Sniper x 3
    Mauser Kar x 1

    Tested it twice w/ disastrous results for the Allies. Have not yet tested it against the Tourney standards of Sherman Swarm and Parabomb.

    Am planning to…on one side or the other.  😉

  • If by tourney para bomb you mean too many paratroopers to shoot at.  then the answer to this is NO.  this 150 point build isn’t the way to go.  I tried this and my buddy brought out 8 paratroopers and 2 captains.  that alone caused way too much chaos, not to mention the shermans.  i haven’t tried it against an all out sherman swarm.  but again i would say NO.  shermans are so powerful especially in hordes.  ( but that def of the KT is awe strucking)

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