Is there a consensus about a bid?

  • I haven’t played much, but I’m sure you guys did already.

    So, simple question:
    is there a consensus about the need for a bid to balance the game (I guess for the Allies)? in AA50 1941, in AA50 1942?
    or is it a consensus about that the game is balanced? (I guess not)

    thanks for your answers

  • There are 4 different optional rules, and except for tech, these rules will influence the game balance, although I’m not 100% sure if SBR interceptors will influence balance, but the Dardanelles closing and NOs will influence the game balance.
    For the different settings that will influence balance most, I think most players either play with NOs, or w/o NOs.

    Imo, there is consensus that w/o any optional rules, allies are favored in both 41 and 42.
    If using NOs, there is no consensus yet, except if using LL, axis are favored in 41.

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