• I’ve played ftf A&A with a couple people for over a decade. Once I found revised, I stopped playing the original. The same will probably happen when I finnally make the switch to AA50, but I dont think that will be for awhile.

    A few months ago I saw the revised box in my closet and started to wish that I could play it more, it’s hard to find a ftf game. Something clicked in my head to google online play. One of the first things that popped up was a gameing site called www.gametableonline.com (GTO). I’ve been there since. I thought I new much about the game, but I never knew how much of a newb I really was until I started to play so many different players.

    Although I wont be able to play as much anymore, over the past few months I’ve logged hundreds of hours into the game. I now consider myself an expert in revised or at least close to an expert. GTO is growing and I’m happy there, but I would like a bigger pool of opponents to choose from or at least see what else is out there. So to the questions at hand, where do many play revised online at? How do I find good/expert players to play against?

    I’d appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction and enlightening me more about the revised community.


  • 2007 AAR League

    Well, if you only want Revised games, your pick on the boards here might be a bit small. It seems the majority of people here have (almost) switched over to AA50. However, if you want to play Revised still, go to this board, sign up as part of the 2009 League, and use the correct thread to post you are looking for a game.


    Best of luck to you.

  • http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki

    There are usually many players in the lobby, and most play AAR. I have already moved from AAR to AA50, but I think AA50 will not replace AAR in the triplea lobby until it is released with a stable version.

    About competitive, if gametable still doesn’t support bidding, the A&A gaming at gametable can’t be really competitive  :roll:

  • Also, how about for AA50? Is AAA the best? I’m not for sure how that works, how do you find players to join your games there? Like I said, I’m knew to online places, other than GTO. Perhaps I’ve just gotten spoiled by being able to just click on a table to join a game. So any help with how most places do it would be nice.


    -And yeah, that’s my biggest problem with GTO, no bids. But you can make your own bids, like extra aa guns for USA/UK. Also within the month they will have a basic preselectable bid that most think will fix the imbalance issue. By summer they should have a standard bid system in place. Aslo, the interface at GTO is pretty awesome.

  • You need the unstable version for AA50, there are some bugs left to fix, I think most can be done via edit, but many of us are really wating for the stable version of AA50  🙂

    There are some tutorials at the triplea site, but it’s more tweaking and learning than GTO, GTO is simpler. Personally, I’m used to the graphics in triplea, but o/c the estetics in GTO is better than triplea.

    I have a map which is at least better than the orginal (triplea) AA50 map, someone made a conversion for ILs map for AA50 and managed to tweak it into the AA50 maps. It still needs some work, but for me its good enough.


    This is the original triplea AA50 map: http://s702.photobucket.com/albums/ww24/subotai/?action=view¤t=simple-55.png

    With 100% is pretty good, exept for some details, like the faces of Stalin. Hitler and Roosevelt. With some editing it could be really good. Even better than GTO. Then all we after that is better icons for units.


    The original 100% picture is almost 5 MB, but photobucket will only show pictures up to 1 MB size.

  • Just wanted to mention another place to play online, which probably won’t be going AA50 anytime soon (so if you want a place to play Revised for a while, it’d fit the bill): the IAAPA, which can be found at axisandallies.net
    This is one of the oldest A&A clubs around, and these folks are so old school that most of the gaming there is still 2nd edition!  That’s right, Revised is cutting edge at the IAAPA.  However, don’t be too quick to dismiss them, they have some very good players including some very good Revised players.  I’ve played in a number of their Revised tournaments (they have three per year) and have never made it to the finals.

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