• Ok … I just learned how to use the “Play by Forum”.

    I was wondering if anybody wants to play a game.

    I typically don’t play with bids because not all the players in my group are equal.

    This would be my first game though.

    Anybody want to give me my first online loss?  😄

    By the way, I didnt know what forum to post this “challenge” on, so I did it here. Let me know if this needs to be somewhere else.

    I can start playing tonight ( i have classes until pretty late )

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I would, but I have too many games going at the moment as it is.

    Good luck though!  Fresh blood usually brings fresh ideas!

  • what limitations you want?
    no NA’s, no bide.
    techs? (lets keep it simple and say none).
    turn time restriction? (i would say not hear as i can’t always post each day).
    rule set? i would like the most resent set of rules (not out of the box but the 3.0 i think it is) as thats what you will see all the time on forum.
    with that said, it will be my first game online as well, so i’m willing to give it a try in the most simple game posible.

    edit: oh ya, your choice if your Axis or Allies.

  • ill play Axis

    let’s go ahead and play the most recent rule set ( im not 100% sure what the difference is )

    id prefer no NA’s since this is my first online game

    other than that … let’s just try and be courteous when it comes to posting moves ASAP

    im a working student so I will be pressed for time too

    dont worry about rushing !

    im ready to start when you are

  • lol, i’m a working student too.
    i will get this going today with my first move as USSR today if i can.
    i will do my best to get it up and going as it’s my first online as well.

  • game
    i will see about finding the lattest/greatest rules and give you the link.

    well that was easy, hear are the  rules

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