It takes a bit of TLC to make piece's perfect

  • In the new game and all that waiting, maybe we were expacting something TOO special with the price of the game…but alot of us were let down… But I think to be happy you have to accept and maybe as well adapt with some TLC.
    So I used magnets, taking many hours on all the pieces and a touch of model paint.

    Strip Magnet: costing no less than $2.50 CND from Canadian Tire, or Home Hardwear or any brick and brac store…

    All land units incl AA gun and fighter: a small magnet cut from the strip on the base with glue for extra secure.

    Transporters: one small strip on the base.

    Aircraft carriers: two small strips on the runway

    Paint: Green paint to put a mark dot on all the Italian pieces. White paint to put dots on all cruisers.

    So now we have a near to perfect game.

    When Transporting, I have on the side of the game board a large strip of magnet the length of the transporter so now your transporter can attach to, plus your land units side by side.
    When using Aircraft Carriers your fighters can now balance and stay on the boat.
    Italian units and cruisers you can now identify them.
    Lastly we put velcro under the board to attach the board pieces.

    Now it’s simple, but if Wizzard/AH/Larry put all this into respective, then the game where we payed under $100 cnd WOULD already have these things sorted out being the 50th edition, or even replace the plastic piece’s to more special like metal, which is going back to TG Moses VI posting on Plastic Piece’s. Maybe the next AA game will have us all happier ( is there a next…??! ).

    Okay, leave it as that.


  • Sounds interesting, though my fighters stay OK on top of my carriers (others have mentioned having a problem, though).  I’ve been a bit interested in magnetic wargames since reading about the strips in the Avalon Hill catalog back in the day.  I’ve never done it (I like normal tabletop games just fine, including AA50), but I imagine it’d be pretty cool-looking to have a wall-mounted wargame with magnetic pieces.

    Learning to differentiate the various ships took a little time;  I was tempted to mark them some way, too.  It doesn’t help that the German/Italian cruisers are so big (like battleships) with flat sterns (like destroyers), or that their transports don’t have cranes, but I think I have all the ships sorted now. And now that I’m used to all the pieces, I rather like them.

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