Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

  • Just try to get a new babylonian empire up and running, and you’d be happier there, Fin

    Sure… their base 60 system was inventive

    your mathematician… what do you care about reality ?

    I care just enough so I or my girlfriend does’nt end like Cantor.


    I made a base 7 number system

    Base 7 !?!?! Sorry to say that but that is probably the worst base i’ve heard of… In a base 7, it would be very hard to divide, all fraction are problematic. Sure normal number are “ok”, 22 in base 10 is 32 in base 7; so no advantage, no disadvantage. But it’s a prime number, all division are problematic.

    0,1 in base 7 = 0,142857… in base 10
    0,2 … = 0,2857…
    0,3 … = 0,4285…
    0,4 … = 0,5714…

    Very… useless numbers.

    Try to find 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 in a base 7 system; it’s never simple, why using that kind of base ?

    If i like basis like 12 or 60, it’s that you can easily put in fraction 1:3, 1:2 and 1:4, and these are the 3 most common division. Even if i know we are not going to change our base, 10 seem to be naturel, as we have 10 fingers probably.

  • I did it for school her is the history I made up-

    The history of A.M.N.S.

    A.M.N.S. (Advanced Moon Number System) was invented by the moon colonies (in 2654AD) as they wanted to separate from the earth. One of the many ways they did this was to invent a different and more efficient number system than the old and outdated earth system. To make the system more efficient they eliminated zero so they would not have to write it repeatedly as in the earth system, and they made most of the symbols curved. The system is based on seven because they have seven fingers. This is the result of gravity - as it is less, the moon inhabitants grew bigger and so did their fingers making them extremely clumsy. To combat this, the moon inhabitants genetically engineered all newborns so they would have seven fingers making them the equal size of the earthlings’ fingers.


    1. Separation of moon colonies, 2643
    2. First ideas about different number system, 2652
    3. Starting work on A.M.N.S., 2653
    4. The number system is officially done, 2654

    that is why it is base seven

  • @FinsterniS:


    I made a base 7 number system

    Base 7 !?!?! Sorry to say that but that is probably the worst base i’ve heard of… (snip)

    0,1 in base 7 = 0,142857… in base 10

    Very… useless numbers.

    Except that Pi is roughly 3.1 then… 😄

  • Then why not using a base pi ? (Using an unreal number as a basis make all real number seem like unreal)

    Anyway, about the 7 fingers, 14 could be a logical choice, on earth some people use a base 20 system (some celtic people if i remember right).

  • well it makes a good story

  • Psstt… base 2 number system (0 and 1) is the only way to go. 😛
    Stupid humans…

  • thats what computers use

  • Gotta love binary, but I hat the damn ASCII code page. It’s in freaking hexidecimal!

  • 😮 ???

  • Hexadecimal is the base 16 system used in computers. The basic numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F and then 10. Havent you ever noticed that to pick a colour in an html website you need to pick a combination of 6 numbers and letter, for example 1345AC. That’s a number in hexadecimal that is converted into the colour you choose for let’s say, the background of your website. Converting hexadecimal is a real pain.

  • ahhhh.

  • great book, took me a couple wks to read it though 🙂

  • @EmuGod:

    Converting hexadecimal is a real pain.

    hmmm… i have to make a program to convert base X to base Y someday…

  • you program, wich languge?

  • you program, wich languge?

    hmmmmm… i make ONE program, and if it’s working and fast it’s because i have good friends. At least 90% of the code is not from me, i just made the math (it’s to find prime number, now that my friends touch it it’s quite fast, far more than i expected).

    Language; i know nothing at c++ or java, so i use the simplest (that i know); VB.

  • ahhhhhhhh

  • don_riggins - thanks for the response. I wasn’t completely aware of all the double dealing that led to the “Appeasement of Hitler”. It’s amazing how many times before the war’s start Hitler could have been stopped. That devil had some luck…

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