• My first AA50 game with the real setup, -41 scenario, no tech and without NOs. Used TripleA map and low luck.
    This was (only) my 4th game with the new AA50 map, but it was the first game with correct setup and starting ipc’s etc.

    I played against my nephew f2f, he is not very experienced, but is at my level in AAR. My self I’m decent/average experienced, not a top player.

    Used edit mode where it needed, worked fine. Some rules is not yet fully implemented in TripleA, like only one support shot in amphibious assault, and ground units can fire back. We didn’t bother to track the new SBR rules, we used the old ones, I don’t think this and other issues made any impact on the game.

    I played allies. Germany starts very aggressive against Russia, using all air and stuff against Karelia, Germany also took East Poland, Baltic and Ukraine G1. G fleet is at sz 6. Germany buys mostly tanks. With Russia I bought either infs+art or infs+tanks the whole game, R1 I took back Karelia and Ukraine, stacked Caucus and rest in Moscow.
    Jap killed my BB, but didnt take Borneo and east indies J1. He went very heavy in against China and Kwantung.

    I got away with US dd + trans in philly heading for Africa, also I stacked Egy with help of UK trans+dd in India, retreated India, didnt kill G fleet which I should, bought CV+CA ++ with US rnd 1.
    Italy went along Germany, all in against Russia, Italy took Ukraine.

    Rnd 2, Germany continues this make or break strat. Shifting from northern eastern front to southern, he wants Caucus and Moscow.
    I killed G fleet with UK, sbr attack, also took Norway, Russia got Finland. Big mistake by me, US didnt buy a single trans US1, but atleast my fleet is safe in sz 12, landing in Algeria with 2 ground units!
    Jap takes east indies+Borneo and China is destroyed. Landing in SFE and have IC in Manchuria + 4+4 units shuck-shuck each rnd from now between Tokyo and SFE.

    Rnd 3 and 4,

    Also killed G trans in med, no G fleet left in Europe. Italy goes along and G+Italy captures Caucasus, I saw this coming and I retreated to Moscow and also retreated some of the UK forces from Egy towards persia. I can hardly attack any TT’s with Russia, but Moscow is safe for now with 15 + infs + some tanks, + 4 US ftrs + 3 UK ftrs. With Germany 10 tanks in Caucasus + some Italian forces I have not enough attack punch to take back Caucasus, although Kalia is safe, and UK landings in Norway is not too soon, need to get stuff to Moscow asap. Jap is all over China, threatening kazakh+novo, also they got too much infs+tanks in Evenki.

    I finally get the logistics right, and US can ship 4+4 or 5+5 each rnd from now to Algeria.
    Jap takes India, and is getting toooo close to Moscow! To close to comfort 🙂
    Germany stacked both Caucasus and East Poland, G air lands in East Poland to trade TT’s from UK or Russia.

    Then rnd 4, axis is toast hopefully, because Germans bought 6 tanks and got 4 other infs+art in Berlin.  UK got 4 bmrs, one in Egy, I also got 4 tanks + 4 infs, this is low luck and battlecalc says 3-4 attacking units left in Berlin. I lost only 2 bombers, axis concedes.

    Surprises, few, but Germany + Italy couldnt be stopped getting Caucasus, and Germany could take India, although its better Japan builds IC in India. I had 70-80 TUV advantage before capturing Berlin, which is not enough at all, because the situation on the map didnt look very good for allies, if Jap gets too far it becomes very strong and hard to stop.
    What’s good so far is that AA50 is not cracked yet, no one knows which side has advantage and which strats are most effective.

    Looking forward to new TripleA beta relase with AA50 support, more games must be played in order to gain enough empirical data to make conclusions.

  • Doesn’t sound like there was much/any action in the pacific.

    Did the allies run a KGF (primarily)?

    Wonder if a little US pac fleet might have slowed the Japanese thrust after Moscow

  • Except first rnd, Jap killed my BB, all US units went to Europe. The problem with the -41 scenario is that US must use much more ipc to build a sustainable fleet than in the 42 scenario. I did not play effective as allies though, with not killing German fleet UK1, I screwed US purchases etc. Maybe I played too aggressive with Russia, but I think Germany + Italy could take Caucasus anyway. Game wouldnt end if I didn’t take Berlin, unless the attempt was a failure 🙂
    Axis player slowed Jap himself with not taking either Philly or Borneo and east Indies J1, but the Jap beachhead in Asia was as strong as the Normandy landings, so there is not really an opening to KJF, more than in AAR. SJF is important where it can be done. I killed a lone Jap trans with DD, these things are mistakes that will happen sometimes, until we get used to the new rules.

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