AA50e anyone?

  • I am a huge fan of AARe. I think it revolutionized AAR: I don’t play AAR or LHTR anymore. I think AA50 could use something like that. I like AA50 as is, but I think it could use some touch up. For example, Germany fleet and air are impractical, China loses its fighter first turn either game mode, and heavy bombers @ 12! That’s messed up. I would also like to see the techs balanced and maybe less random techs. There are a lot of house rules floating around out there, but I would like something that has been tested. Anyway, I was wondering if the old team was interested in tackling this one.
    Anyway, Ideas and criticism is welcome. Unless anyone else beats me to it, I will post some starting ideas tomorrow (need to shower and go to bed for church.
    (For those who have never heard of AARe, just go up a few threads to the sticky ones. read it and play it. It is amazing)

  • Welcome fellow Enhancer!

    Discussions of applying the great AARe dynamics to AA50 started a while back with Jennifer basically porting over the NAs and other concepts of AARe to AA50 {UGH, INSTANT TECH BREAKS THE GAME, IMHO, especially if it’s targetted the way AARe did it.}  It was a hodgepodge of rules (and not needed in my humble opinion).

    These discussions are probably buried in the house rules section.

    …And that’s were they should go.

    Later on, Cousin Joe (originator of AARe) posted some interesting thoughts, perhaps his thoughts just need a wider audience to game play test and work out the wrinkles, perhaps not.

    So if you wanted to get a discussion of how to Enhance AA50 properly (not just tweak all the NA rules and bastardize the 4:2 tech), I would read Cousin Joes posts in the house section.

    I think if you re-started the discussion in that fashion, we might get somewhere.

  • Oh no. I never intended a carrying over of the rules from AARe at all. I merely meant I liked the way AARe was done in that a lot of thought was put into it. (as opposed to every person making up what sounds best to him) In fact, most of the ideas I thought up are not from AARe. A few are: namely convoy raids. But anyway, thanks for the advice. I’ll try to find that thread and post my ideas there.

  • Customizer

    i made 2 mods for TripleA’s aa50,

    1. China takes their turn with Russia (plus a number of other balancing changes and some units moved around)

    2. UK starts with a factory as a bid, meaning they place a factory somewhere on the board before the game begins (plus a number of other other balancing changes, and some units moved around)

    both games have tech activation happen at the END of a turn, not right after you roll.  so for example, if i rolled for tech and got heavy bombers, then i would not get it right away, but instead would get it during the place-units phase at the end of the turn.

    both games also have the options to use LHTR heavy bombers (roll 2 dice, pick best, if sbr add 1), and to turn tech off completely
    and to use LOW LUCK dice, yay

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