• Lol! i meant the enterprise and the yamato/m_______  (forgot the spelling)

    Those ships are my top 3

  • I wonder just how many ships were sunk in World War Two?

  • i dont know, i would have a guess that around 15-20 thousand ships were sunk, at the end of ww2 i think there were less than ten servicable ships left of the kriegsmarine.

  • How many ships were sunk in WW1 and WW2 combined and were worried about a few oil spills  :?

  • Italiansarecoming the word you’re looking for is Musashi. As far as Axis ships I like the Shinano. She was a carrier built on a Yamato hull. She put to sea loaded with Shinyo suicide boats and Ohka rocket bombs. Now comes my favorite part of this story. The next day the US sank her.

    28 NOV 44 1330 Shinano departs Yokosuka for Kure.
    29 NOV 44 0309 four torpedoes from USS Archerfish slam into the Shinano.
    29 NOV 44 1057 Captain Abe (Shinano’s captain) goes down with his ship.
    She was at sea for 21 hours and 27 minutes. This is one of my favorite night night stories.

  • '11

    I’d have to throw my vote in for the type VII U-Boat, as they wreaked so much havoc across the Atlantic. However, I’ve got to tip my hat to the Enterprise, what an amazing ship and crew.

  • The New Orleans Class heavy Cruisers,
    Atlanta Class Light Cruisers,
    South Dakota and Iowa Class Battleships,
    Fletcher Class Destroyers,
    Yorktown and Essex Class fleet Carriers.

    Those are just some of my favorite ships.

  • The Bismarck. That thing was a beast.

    Unfortunately, it never had the chance to fulfill its potential.

  • The Bismark :-D

  • The Achilles!

    Involved in the battle of the river plate against the Graf Spee.

    It’s main guns are a monument in Auckland these days and I remember seeing them when I was about 5 and thinking they were just the most awesome things ever!

    So not for combat record, but for childhood memories.

  • I have made plans to visit the Battleship Alabama this spring break.

  • @ABWorsham:

    I have made plans to visit the Battleship Alabama this spring break.

    Nice one, when I was in the US I had a good look around the USS Salem in South Boston. Even though thats only a heavy cruiser (i think) it was still awesome in size.

  • I see USS Constellation couple week ago.  That count?  I want see USS North Carolina but is long drive from here.

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    though i like what it was called i think the iowa battle ship i beleive (blank in my head because i have been chilling to much)

    The iowa and its sister ship were the biggest bship of ww2 and in history but i love the enterprise though as well

    which Sister?

    Wisconsin, New Jersey, or Missouri?

    Enterprise did rule, But she was extremely Lucky also.

    MY personal Fav is KGM Tirpitz,  Though she was just Chillin for most of the war, it took 22,000lb Tall boy Damn busting Bombs to sink her.  German Engineering at it’s finest, or British Aiming at it’s Worse.

    Although Kudos to the Japanese Submarine that Actually shelled US Mainland Soil

  • Yeah, we had a Japanese Sub in Wellington Harbour at one point.

    Gutsy submarineers the Japanese.

  • The H.M.S. Habakkuk.    :wink:

    Okay, okay, so I cheated, since it technically never made it off the drawing board.

    If it must be a real ship: the Yamato, hands down!

    18 inch guns!!!  Take that, Bismark lovers.  :-D

  • The Battleship Alabama was huge!! I thought I was prepared for the vastness of a modern battleship, I wasn’t afterall. I would post some pic, if I could figure out the process.

  • As awesome as the Alabama was, my favorite ship to visit in Mobile Bay was the U.S submarine Shaw.

  • I concur with Frimmel, the Enterpise is my fav, that carrier at one point was our only carrier in the Pacific and it held its own.

  • I’d say the destroyer.

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