• is the scale of miniatures in the c/s set the same as the 1939-1945 set, i have a t-35 that i think is from the c/s set and it is the same scale as 1939-1945,

  • No, the scale is different.  And they always paint the units different to allow you to visually tell them apart better.  And finally, each set has a unique icon on the bottom of it.

    Actually, the T-35 is in the Reserves and has never been reprinited in the larger scale.  Yes, it was that big in the small scale.  😮


  • alright, thank’s, is 1939-1945 the only large scale set, it is very difficult to determine the scale from the pictures on the websites.

  • 1939-1945 was the first up-scaled one.  All sets after that are and will be the larger size.  (So right now that includes North Africa and the upcoming Eastern Front set)

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