Anyone still use the old 1:240 scale planes?

  • I never converted to V2.

    I’ve been able to add a few new planes thanks to some Shapeways modelers. These include the Polish PZL 11 and Romanian IAR 80.

    If there is enough interest maybe we can get more models made.

    You can search shapeways for the two models I reference. The air game has stats for the IAR.
    My stats for the PZL are as follows:

    AI 7/5
    AV 3/2
    cost 9
    defense 4/4
    SA: aircraft, anti-air, slow

    The slow ability means that a decent plane would have a big advantage on this guy, as it should.

    I can post the final pics when I’m done painting. And I can post a pic to the air game cards I created for a Veteran and Average PZL 11 if anyone wants.

  • I’m mainly using the AAAM planes with AAM but not for every game.  I did convert to V2 so I’m not after more of the v1 sized planes

  • '18 Customizer

    I stayed with V1 planes due to the smaller size and the less clutter they create.

  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12

    I sold all mine to cool stuff for credit.  They pay a pretty good price for them.

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