• Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been here and played a game. I usually play as the Allies, but tomorrow I’ll be on the other side (controlling both J and G). There’s been a lot of discussion about it, I know, but I haven’t found a clear answer yet…

    I’ve been looking at the map, but I’m not sure what to do with G1. I feel that a large INF buy is necessary to keep up with the Russians. The Baltic fleet is giving me the most doubt. Should I or should I not add an AC? If so, should I just let the fleet sit there, or should I block a SZ to prevent the Allies from sending in TRN? I’m not very keen however, on throwing money into the ocean as I can use it for land- or airforce.

    I’m assuming I’ll lose the UKR FIG. Would it be a good idea to send my SUB to the UK TRN in SZ1? Or would it be too risky, not using it against the UK BS?

    FYI, we don’t play with bids nor NA’s.

    Many thanks,

    Mr. Bo

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well, there are many opinions on this. These are mine:

    Some advice:

    Either full inf or Inf & 1-2 Arms (going AC is not recommended in your first play)


    • Egypt
    • East & West med (WMD with sub+ftrs, EMD with BB/Trn +maybe 1 ftr)
    • Deadzone LEN/BEL/UKR (meaning you attack with enough inf + ftr/bmbs to win the area with 1-2 inf remaining)
    • Empty NWY/ALG and make sure WMD is defended to any 2TRN attack by UK

    …at least it should get you started. Make sure J hammer HARD on mainland Asia. Don’t divert resources into attack US and only attack NZE/AUS if it do not detract from you Asian Push!

    Cheers /Perry

  • Great, thanks.

    I suppose I should leave some navy hanging around Solomon Islands to prevent the US from island hopping?

  • The caspian sub group has some good papers about G1 moves with the Baltic.

    I don’t think any of them said to ever buy a CV. The reason was you want to have your FTR’s as land defence, you don’t want them tied up as sea defence.

    One stragety said to buy 3 Transports and another siad to buy 5.  The third said to mass the German navy (Both Baltic and Med.) in SZ 7.

    What it boils down to is what capitol do you want to take first?

    If you do go to the Caspian sub group look up the German Turtle.  I have ha a lot of good luck with this one.


  • :-)
      First of all, you really have your work cut out for you not using a bid. The bid is recognised as a neccesary means to balance the game and give a variability to game play. I have never played with NAs’, but from what I’ve read over the years, few people bother with them.
      My usual G1 Strat is:
    I prefer to buy one tank, 5 artillery and 5 infantry on G1. But, if you really want to see your Baltic fleet stick around for a couple of turns, may I suggest buying a DD to add to it.
    I move one sub to SZ3 to block the UK from liberating Karilia on UK1.
    I like to use the Bmbr to support my attack on Egypt with an inf and an armor transported in from S.E.
    I bring my Atlantic sub in to attack the UK BB in WMed as cannon fodder to save ftr losses.
    In Karilia, I like to go light, unless the Russians are fairly weak in West Russia, then I may go in with everything that I can, including the Germany AA gun, transported in with an Inf. Just don’t forget to bring up the S.E. AA gun to cover Germany :wink:
    Without the bid, I don’t give you much hope of doing anything in Africa for very long, but Egypt is a must. If the UK can get that India fleet through the Suez on UK1, then you are in big trouble too early.

    Placing four ftrs and 4 or more Infantry in W.E. will deter any landings there on UK1.
      Good luck, and good hunting!

  • @LT04:

    What it boils down to is what capitol do you want to take first?

    That would be Moscow, as it seems the ‘easiest’ route to victory.

    Thanks to all for the advice!

  • Then you should read up on the German Turtel.  It’s a passive-agressive strategy that has worked very well.


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