• 2007 AAR League

    how in the heck do you play someone using tripleA but not use tripeA’s dice?

    also how do people get tripleA to keep track of the units on the board without using the dice?

    basically, i dont know how to use it for forum games.

  • Short answer… it is a B*tch to do.

    You have to keep track of the combat moves in your head, then roll the dice and/or look at your opponent’s dice results, then when the combat is resolved you use the “edit” function to remove whatever died on both sides.  If the attacker won, you then move the “surviving” units into the now vacant territory in Combat movement in TripleA.

  • 2007 AAR League


    then why to people use tripleA so often in their games on the forum.

    do they know an easier way? or do they use the dicey from tripleA?

  • Most games I use the TripleA dicey if I am using TripleA.

    I only subject myself to the edit crap when my board is tied up (like now with the FFA which HAS to be done on my game board, otherwise I would be unable to game)

  • You can specify a dice server when choosing the “PBEM” option.  There’s a pulldown menu.  I think you used to be able to specify a server too.  Maybe you still can.

    If you choose “Local” game, though, you have to use the TripleA dice.

  • In-site dicey is not an option with TripleA.  And THAT is a b*tch to try to do with TripleA.

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