How do I use TripleA:s Play-By-Forum utility?

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    OK, TripleA:s Play-By-Forum utility is just great. But I haven’t quite figured out how to set up a game with it. My question is:

    How do I Generate a Turn Summary Post?
    I get the basics: I fill in the info at the TripleA startup screen, I make my entire move in TripleA, then I click “Post Turn Summary Button”. Could it be simpler  :-D

    However, I get this error message:
    No Num_replies found in A& forum topic. No msgXXXXXX found in A& forum topic.

    I guess TripleA does not know in which thread to post the Turn Summary on A&

    So - how do I tell TripleA where to post? I guess it is in GAMEID in the TripleA Setup page.

    But  in that case : How do I mark my Thread in this Forum, with that game ID.

    Sorry if I formulated myself a bit clunky. Thanks for any help!
    Hope that we can clear this up!

  • It is not the game ID.

    Look up at your bar right now.  You’ll see:

    See how the topic is “10371”?

    You put that number in the correct field.  I think it’s game ID field, or something.  Anyways, you just put that in, and post your turn.

  • Yes, you enter ONLY the thread # (which for this particular thread is 10371) not the entire thread URL.

    Do NOT enter any decimals (so you ignore the .0 and just enter 10371 not 10371.0)

    And it does go in the Game ID field.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hey, thanks a lot!  :-)
    That was a really good instrux.
    Never saw this instruction anywhere else on the site!
    Cheers / Perry

  • We need a sticky.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I get the following error msg, when trying to post a Turn Summary:

    “Summary Text: Error: sesc not found after login”

    Could someone please help me out what this means?
    I have tried posting in several threads, but always get the same result.
    I have been using TripleA for 3-4 games & it has been working perfectly so far, and now this ?  :? :?


  • 2007 AAR League

    Yeah, I’ve been seeing that too. The best way to work it now is to disable the A& autoposter, and only enable the screenshot posting.

    Then you make your moves, and when done unit placement, click “Post Turn Summary” and it will upload the screenshot
    Then click “View Turn History” and copy and paste the contents to your game thread. This will include the URL of the screenshot.
    Then save the game file and attach it to your post.

    The nice thing is that then you don’t have to type in your a&a login info each time you load a game for your turn. The other nice thing is that it doesn’t add that .doc to the end of the save file, so you can open the file much more easily.

    Once you do it this way, it actually feels more streamlined to me than when it was working. No need to enter login info, or to muck around with the “Show all file types” dialog. You just load saved game, click “Start PBEM game”, click “Play” and you are off to the races.

    Agreed, this should be a sticky, and maybe also put in the Software area.

  • I sent a pm to rjclayton a few days ago when this first started happening for us, informing him of the error.  He seemed to be one of the folks most closely associated with TripleA based on some of his posts.  I don’t know if he was the right person or not, but I haven’t heard anything back.

    I do have to agree, working the summary manually has been pretty easy, but I think there’s a bit more controls in place if it’s all done in one step.  Not an issue for your average game, but if things get crazy competitive it’s something that might be nice to have for game admins/judges.

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