• Hi all,

    I’m fairly experienced (between 200-400 games under my belt, never counted). And I’m playing the boardgame against friends from time to time, some of them whom are not too experienced. Does anyone have any ideas on creative opening plays by any of the nations? I don’t care if they are suboptimal, I just want to take them by total surprise from time to time.

    Ideas I can think of on top of my head:

    • Going berzerk with Russia attacking Belo, Ukr and WR is something that comes as a surprise to them, but theres a fair chance of dice failure involved and its just a R1 move, not a strategy by itself

    • Russia can do a lot of things with some help from UK/USA, but I want to try build a small fleet from Cauc, escape Africa and invade Japanese islands using USA (and UK) as bodyguard. This is the coolest idea I think, any suggestions on the most effective way of pulling it off? I’m thinking UK kills the German med. fleet on its R2, then get 1-2 Russian transport on Russia R3. Assuming Africa is safe it can move to the pacific and invade Japanese islands, where USA/UK have cleared off the defending infantry with fighters.

    • Invading UK with Germany in R2, and/or building a big fleet with Germany either outside Berlin or South Europe

    • Commit German troops/fleet to escape Africa and invade French Madagascar, India, Australia, New Zealand and do a German/Japan joint strike on USA from the pacific. German factory in Australia? 🙂

    • Play defensive with Germany and get 10 new fighters within the first 4 rounds

    • Uk can do alot if they neglect France/Berlin. I’m thinking factory on Australia R1 and build a fleet from there with support from US. Or how about 2 factories on R1, in India and Australia? I think I can pull off defending both.

    • Japan seems limited unless they expand first. I never tried fully invading africa with them though.

    • Initiate a full war vs USA as opposed to the occasional Alaska invasion

    • USA have the finances for everything but its hard to do anything surprising except going for Japan. Maybe its more about the troop buys, how about buying some 3-4 fighters every round as support for UK and Russia.

    Any other ideas? I’m also all ears for unusual opening moves. I know theres a move with Russia if you play low luck where you can  stack Karelia by attack-retreating from WR, Belo and/or EE leaving just 1-2 German troops there. But, we play dice.

  • For fyllefanten  - Wicked cool idea about using Soviet Troops to take Japanese Islands. In most versions however, the straight is closed and would require it to be open for that to work. If it were open, I think Germany would crush any Russian navy purchased purchased in Sevastopol. .  . .  .  All that being said, if you could get the right version of the A&A or “house rule” the straight open, I see no problem with the Ruskies taking Borneo, E.Indies, Phlipines etc.  .  (mega $ $) and using your land troops near Vladivostok, Japanese land territories could be the next SSR.
    Please also keep in mind this would require some extremely convenient scenarios to occur at the same time.
    The thing I like about this tactic is that is requires only a few transports of investment from Russia to make a lot of cash.
    It’ll be another surprise move I’ll add to my repertoire,

    Starlight Sniper

  • '16 '15 '10

    A fun variation of Allied revised play, called “kjf”, is building an India factory on UK1 and sometimes a Sinkiang factory on USA1, along with sending russian units into sink to counter china on R2.

    A write-up of the basics is here

    Once mastered, this strategy is competitive in expert level dice games.

  • KJF with us naval pressure and no ICs is different and actually competitive vs experienced players.

    If you want something nasty, try accumulating battleships. 18 battleships landing with 1 infantry…

  • @MarineIguana:

    KJF with us naval pressure and no ICs is different and actually competitive vs experienced players.

    If you want something nasty, try accumulating battleships. 18 battleships landing with 1 infantry…

    Lol, or researching destroyer bombardment and have 36 destroyers instead.

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