• I downloaded it off the net today, version 0_9_0_2, the latest stable version from the sourceforge webpage.  I installed it.  I ran it.  I dont get the screen where it shows the main user interface, as shown in the readme file included with the package, where you can change between which version of A&A you want to play.

    Starting the .bat or .exe file simply loads the game into classic mode.

    Help please. =(

    Just to be clear, I do have the proper map files etc for the other game versions… but running the game loads me into the page where I get to choose options as set up for classic. There is no screen where I have the option of changing game version… I want to play revised =(

  • Never mind, I figured it out. Suffice it to say, my game interface looks NOTHING like that shown in the readme files or on the sourceforge website.  If you are having a similiar problem, you have to click on load new game on the left hand side of the screen, and pick your game version from the various xml files there.

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