• a couple of questions:

    1. in the instructions it says ’ you can only mobilize a number of units up to the income value of the territory containing the ind. complex’ does that refer to land units only?

    2. i have a bomber (i’m japan) in fr. indochina. persia and india are owned by the uk, but do not  have any thing on them, and uk has an army in trans jordon, can i attack trans jordon with my japanese bomber AND claim theh 2 territories (persia and india) while i fly thru them.

    3. When i purchase an antiaircraft gun can i put it anywhere or does it have to be by an ind complex?

    4. During open fire (ie. antiaircraft gun, submarine, battleship during an amphibious assault), do i have to roll 1 on the die for the open fire to be successful?

    5. there are no men in brazil yet. can a USA bomber attack (a sub near brazil) then fly back to brazil since it’s a USA territory? does he then get 3 more points?

    thanks for your help. :mrgreen:

  • 1.  No, this includes land, air, and sea units placed in any adjacent seazones.

    2. No, territories can only be claimed by land units.

    3. It has to be in an IC.

    4. Only for anti-aircraft.  Submarines opening fire is for their attack value (2 or 3 with super subs technology), and the battleships bombardment hits on a 4.

    5. Yes, the bomber can land in brazil, as it is friendly territory.  The 3 IPCs from Brazil are already included in the USA’s production, so theres no need to add them in.

    Once again, only land units can capture territory.

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