• Is there any specific paper that you guys use to print out extra maps?  I was thinking of taking a thumb drive to kinkos and having them print me off a couple maps, what should i have them printed on, just regular 11X17 paper, or is there something more durable/glossy, like photo paper??

  • '19 Moderator

    I guess it depends on the cost, you could get regular sheets and laminate them…

  • I was thinking it would depend more on personal preference. I’m not to good to use regular copy paper as is. If they get ruined so what I got 5,000 sheets of paper sitting next to my printer.


  • You should ask them for Photo Quality Heavy Stock paper. It usually costs a bit extra, but definitely worth it. Using regular glossy paper just defeats the purpose of printing them as the colors bleed and even the regular glossy paper is not durable enough.

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