• I just bought a lot ofr 35 units and it comes with one map, the Baker1? map.  I am looking to get a few more maps and see on ebay that there are north africa and eastern front ones available.

    Any advice as to what to get?  Should I also get a starter pack as well?  Seems to be two different ones, a 10 piece stater set, and a 12 piece “2 player” set.  Which one is better.


  • '18 Customizer

    I saw your post sitting so long I registered to give you a few pointers on maps. Most if not all the WotC map packs are themed in some way. Originally they were 2" hexes but were changed some time ago. The map packs you mentioned are themed as follows: North Africa - 3 Desert maps and on reverse side 3 jungle maps. Eastern Front - 3 town/factory maps and on the reverse side 3 Russian steppes maps. There are two starters, the one in the cardboard box is the old one and contains 12mm mini’s and 2" hex maps. the new starter is in a blister pack and has 15mm mini’s and 3" hex maps. The maps in the new starter are mixed forest/hills/clear. The rules and revised cards are downloadable through the WotC site.

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