Axis and Allies Revised, solitaire version

  • I needed a solitaire version of AAR, so I put this together. I’ve seen other requests for a solitaire game, and I hope this answers that need. I have a budget, research schedule and series of moves for each nationality in AAR. You merely pick the nationality you want and ignore all the rules for your nationality. Apply them for all of the other nationalities. There is no change to any of the rules, merely stereotyped activities within the rules for each nationality

  • Phase one in AAR is conducting research. Most nationalities must conduct research in the order listed for that nationality. 5 IPC are spent and only one research die is bought. If a nationality has the first weapon on the list, due to a successful research roll in a previous turn, it researches the next item on the list.  RUSSIA Conducts no research. GERMANY Researches rockets, jets, super submarines, heavy bombers, long range aircraft and combined bombardment in that order. UNITED KINGDOM Researches heavy bombers, Jets, Long range aircraft, combined bombardment, super submarines and rockets in that order. JAPAN Researches super submarines only. UNITED STATES Researches heavy bombers, long range aircraft, combined bombardment, jets, super submarines, and rockets, in that order.

  • After research and deducting the 5 IPC fixed cost for research the next phase in AAR is purchasing units. Each dummy nationality purchases units to replace the specific units lost. Maintain a dead pile for lost units instead of returning them to the container with the unused units. There are a few guidelines for nationalities and additional units. Germany will turn out a sub every turn, and double the units in western Europe. The western allies will increase the number of bombers in Britain to 5. These increases can be spread out over 4 (German units in W. Europe) and 5 (western allied bombers) turns

  • How do you move units? Imagine a diagram of WW2 history on the A&A mapboard. You would see arrows going back and forth across the territories. In my solitaire AAR, each dummy nationality follows those invisible arrows. I have listed below each nation (in caps) the name of each arrow or track it follows { in ellipses} and then each territory it follows. The tracks have opposites from opponent countries (in other words Sylvania has A,B,C,D for a track and Fredonia has D,C,B,A for a track. RUSSIA {Northwest Direction} Russia, Archangel, Karelia, Eastern Europe, Germany. {Western Direction} Russia, West Russia, Belorussia, Eastern Europe, Germany. {Southwestern Direction} Caucasus, Ukraine, Balkans, Germany  GERMANY {Western Front} Germany, Western Europe.{African Front} Germany, Italy, Libya, Anglo Egypt {Army Group North} Germany, Eastern Europe, Karelia, Archangel, Russia {Army Group Center}Germany, Eastern Europe, Bellorussia West Russia, Russia {Army Group South} Germany, Balkans, Ukraine, Caucasus {Atlantic} all ships ttosea zone 8 COMMONWEALTH {East Mediterranean Anglo-Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Italy Germany {West Mediterranean} Algeria, Libya, Anglo-Egypt, Italy, Germany {Atlantic} sea zone 8 JAPAN {Mainland Asia} Manchuria- Kwangtung, China, Sinkaing, French Indochina, India {Java} Japan, Philippines, Borneo, East Indies {Australia} Japan, Okinawa,Carolines New Guinea, Solomons, Australia, New Zealand {East} Japan, Midway, Hawaii, Western United States, UNITED STATES {MTO}Eastern US, Algeria, Libya, Italy, Germany {ETO} Eastern US, Britain, Western Europe, Germany {PTO, Army}Western US, Australia, New Guinea, Philippines, Borneo, Japan {PTO Navy}Hawaii, Midway, Solomons, Okinawa, Japan {CBI} Western US or Germany, India, French Indochina, China, Sinkiang, Japan

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