Using Revised rules in A&A:E and A&A:P

  • Basically I see three big revisions that can translate. Sorry if this is beaten to death, but obviously I’m new here, and a quick search turned up nothing.

    Tanks defend on 3
    Fighter and Carrier cost 2 less
    Tranports carry 1 Infantry + 1 land unit (changed for Pacific anyway, although not the same as revised)

    Tank: Gives Germany an advantage, mostly.
    Transports: Gives alliies the advantage, mostly.
    Fighter&Carrier: Carriers help allies. Fighters are rather neutral.

    Therefore I play with all three. They seem to balance out nicely.

    Fighter&Carrier: Helps equally, though argueable helps Japan since a carrier and fighters defend much better than they attack. Of course the arguement that carrier borne fighters also really help in amphibious assaulting a teritory somewhat nullifies this theory.
    Tank: Helps equally, makes armor much more worth the transport space.
    Transports: Screws with marines a lot, also a problem becuase the starting locations dont take the extra space into account. The starting location problem with transports doesn’t matter as much for Europe.

    I never play with the revised transport rules here. I always have tanks defend on three, it makes them actually useful. I waiver as to use cheaper carriers and fighters.

    What do you guys think? Did I leave out any major translateable changes from Revised?

  • You forgot to mention the difference in sub mechanics. By the way, we still keep the house rule of not having planes strafe subs without the presence of destroyers in our game of AAR with my group.

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