Quite a miniatures collection for $100

  • Guys, first time poster here.

    I’ve been a long time A&A fan, especially the Naval Miniatures. About 13 years ago, I was offered a giant lot of A&A miniatures (many many hundreds of pieces, maybe 500 pieces if not more) for a whopping 100 bucks.

    There’s a ton of stuff, everything from an ME-262, to a King tiger, a few Tiger 1’s, a few SS Panther’s, Shermans galore, tons of stuff. Even a Higgins boat landing craft.

    I had never played, and to this day I have yet to play. I have kept them around because I desire to learn and play, but I also realize that players are few and far between these days, in general.

    I’m wondering what to do with all of it. I know these have retained value over the years. There is the potential for sale but I’m not sure yet. Keep it and take the time to learn/find other players or move it on to someone who already has that foundation in place?

    I will post pictures tomorrow potentially, there’s a lot of units here to separate by nation.

  • @RisingSun I had similar experience, I was big into the naval miniatures but couldn’t afford both. I bought a lot on ebay a year or so ago and have played a few games. It is not difficult to learn especially if you are familiar with the navy side, it’s pretty similar but includes facing. I think it’s a great game and wish I had collected it some when it was active.

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