Allied strategem for upcoming game

  • Ok, heres my plan. I am currently in the semi-finals at my local gaming network, and I need some advice on my final battle plans. I am playing allies, with a 5 infantry bid in Ukraine. Here is my plan, but first some backround.

    My opponent is the defending champ, and he is good. He is a flawless Axis player. He doesn’t make mistakes. He has astounding luck (Last game I played him this 1 japaneese transport held off an entire Us fleet!)

    Here is my plan. Since we’re playing Russia Restricted, I will buy 3 tanks 3 infantry, forcing him to bring his ukraine force inland or face 6 tanks 2 fighters and countless infantry. Next, (btw this is what all Axis players do every game) When he consolidates his Libayan forces and reinforcing them, I run out of Syria. I move the British Sub into blocking position, the Transport 2 inf 1 figher from India to Syria, 1 tank 1 infantry to Syria from Egypt. this gives me a force of 4 infantry 1 tank 1 fighter in Syria. Now, I move the south African infantry into blocking position. I then build an Industrial Complex in South Africa, saving 15$.

    On the Us turn, I move any surviving Us fleet toward the Atlantic. I build 3 transports 4 infantry and End my turn, flying fighters and bombers toward Britain.

    Now, I plan to mainly ignore mainland asia for some time, instead I plan to kill off any German Transports early, and keep him out of Africa. Then I Reinforce Russia with Fighters and British infantry, allowing russia to Send infantry to delay the Japaneese.

    I continue the game like this, by turn 10 or so I think I could be able to kill Germany, if Japan hasn’t already done Russia in. After Africa is secure, I plan to produce subs from the South African factory to further delay the Japaneese.

    Problems? Well the British are going to be hard pressed in Africa. I think he should be able to easily get 12 infantry in before I can destroy his Transports. combined with his signature huge kamakazee airforce, I think I am gonna be in for a fight.

    By the End of turn 2 I hope to have something like 2 British tanks, 1 British Infantry, 6 American Infantry, 1 American Tank, and the Syrian force in Africa to force out the Germans. Any extra cash Britain has will be spent on bombers to take out the German Fleet.

    comments? I need advice on this quick, for my game is soon.

  • Sounds like he plays Germany defending against Russia, building a Med fleet and spending the first few turns re-enforcing Africa before turning again to Russia. Your plan sounds good, hopefully the energy he expends in Africa gives the USA some help and time. Once again, Asia’s the vaccuum. Hopefully the Allies can divert Germany’s attention long enough for Russia to deal with the Japanese. If he’s attacking Hawaii in Turn 1, this will take away some Japanese units from Asia for at least a turn or two. Happy hunting…

  • Aren’t kamikazes in the original illegal?

  • I won the game 😃

    And what I ment by Kamakazee is he builds a lot of fighters and throws them at the british and american transport, with full intention of them dieing, but takes down a good number of transports with him.

  • So how did the game pan out Yanny? Was it a nail-biter, or were you just better? 😃

  • I got ****ing lucky. First turn, Germany and Japan each take no casualties in initial attacks, Germany has enough stuff to hold eastern Europe. Third turn - Germany attacks Ukraine with like 10 infantry and a boat load of fighters, gets no hits, and 7 out of my 9 infantry hit. By turn 7 Germany was daed
    and he conceeded. Japan was still in Yakut.

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