Axis and Allies PC, Is it possible to take screenshots?

  • Hello everyone. I’m wondering if anyone knows how to take screenshots of the computer game? I’m planning to do a A&A webpage, and this would be most useful to explain strategies.

  • The closes thing I can think of is actually using a camera to take pictures, as there is no in game function do take screenshots.

  • There are several progams out there that let you take screenshots most of them emply the function of the print screen butten to save the screen as a image file.

  • Thanks for the help guys. I think I’ll go search on the web for some of these screenshot programs, Superdave mentioned. I’ll tell you guys if I found a easy way to take screenshots.

  • I know ALT + PRINTSCREEN worked for FF7, try it with Axis and Allies.

  • Ha I never thought U’d find a use for those extra buttons. What does scroll lock, break, and sysrq do then?

  • I downloaded this program called HYPERSNAP-DX4 which takes screen shots of games using Direct X. I works really well, except the stamp it puts on each image if you are using the unregistered version.

  • Pressing Control + Break will stop certain programs which are in an infinate loop from going on, and crashing your computer. I’ve used it a lot with faulty tests of Visual Basic programs.

  • Darn! I wish I knew that. It could’ve stopped me from reseting the vombuter when I write loops in C++ programs.

  • Hey, anyone know when the PC versions of Europe and Pacific are coming out?

  • Not any plans to make them at the moment. Personally, I think those are mediocre games, they’d have to change them significantly to make them computer games.

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