Color-coded bases for ships [G40]

  • Because so many of the ship types are too similar (to my admittedly weak eyesight, at least), I have decided to use some poker chips of various colors as bases for these ships. These poker chips are the same exact size and type as the white/grey, red, and green ones already included in the game.

    Since we need to be able to tip the capital ships (battleships and aircraft carriers) onto their sides (to indicate when they are damaged), I don’t need to uses poker chip bases for them. That leaves the other four classes (cruisers; destroyers; subs; transports). Since I did not want for these chips to use any color that is already used by the game pieces (wither as chips or as units), that left me with purple, orange, yellow, and pink as my options.

    So, I’ll be using purple for cruisers, orange for destroyers, yellow for submarines, and pink for transports.

    Here is an image of the work in progress: my cruisers on purple poker-chip bases.


    Thanks for tolerating my bragging about my project. ^_^


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