• Hello everyone, 1st post after a couple years reading and enjoying these forums.

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but it seemed logical considering my question needs the advice of customizers.
    Here goes…

    What do you think each countries “national” color should be? Across all games in the A&A community. I’ve only played A&A original and anniversary but I will eventually get into global. It doesn’t need to be a complicated color. Common spray paint colors like rust oleum or Krylon or some other brand.
    Kind of drab earthy colors I’m thinking.

    USA - some type of green
    UK - khaki
    Russia - reddish brown
    Germany - black or grey
    Japan - no clue
    Italy - never liked the brown, too close to Russia.
    China - type of green but original is too close to USA.
    France - blue. But not the electric blue.
    ANZAC - ?
    Canada - red?
    1914 Austin-Hungarian Empire - ?
    1914 Ottoman Empire - ?
    UK India - ?
    UK Australia - ?
    UK New Zealand - ?
    Other countries that I’m forgetting - ???

    I want to start painting my units but it’s going to be a very lonnnnng process and I want a quick fix to standardize all pieces from each country. Trying to buy pieces I’ve determined that I can source them from multiple places, but they’ll more than likely not be the same color. I’ve tried to google this and haven’t found this question asked in this way. Kinda surprised me that no one has asked before. Yes, I understand that most people might not care 🤪.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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    I don’t have much to say about everything you wrote about, but I thought you might be interested in some work posted a couple years ago. Fellow axisandallies.org forum poster Wolfshanze decided that in his version of Anniversary it would be better for the Italian units to be painted metallic silver and the ANZAC units to be painted a shade of nutmeg. His thread below lays out his thoughts and has some pictures he posted of how well his experiment turned out:

    I hope that helps you out.


    Edited to correct the version of the game in question.

  • @Midnight_Reaper
    Thank you for the info. That post brought up a good point and actually the reason I started this post. Not sure a like the metallic silver for Italy though.

    aceswild5049 Posted his game pieces and I love the colors he chose.

    @AcesWild5049 said in My G40 build:
    I’ve been asked this several times now so I’ll just post it here and on YouTube:

    Russia - TS-62 NATO Brown
    UK - TS-46 Light Sand
    USA - TS-28 Olive Drab 2
    Germany - TS-6 Matte Black
    Australia - TS-66 IJN Gray
    Italy - AS-22 Dark Earth

    the rest were bottle paints shot from an airbrush:
    France - XF-17 sea blue, mixed with some white
    China - Interior Green mixed with some yellow
    Japan - Model Master’s Italian Red mixed with Rust from the same company

    I’ve been able to get all the Tamiya spray colors but since I don’t own an airbrush or have any clue on how to use one if I did,🤪 I’ve had to try a find colors that match the ones Aces chose.

    Once I get the Tamiya paints I’ll see what they look like in person.

    Still looking for ideas for: (my ideas)
    China - (Rust-Oleum Satin Eden)
    Japan - (Krylon pumpkin orange or Rust-Oleum rustic orange)
    France - (Krylon Oxford blue)

    These are the ones I’ve found but I can’t get them because of the quarantine.

  • @Ghoster thanks for the repost! For completeness, France was shot with XF-18 not XF-17. My bad. I edited my previous post and updated it on YouTube as of this writing.

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