• I think either…

    1. Jacko will shoot the POTUS and the First Lady will take the fall for the good of the country(insanity/see Hinkley), or

    2. the First Lady will shoot the POTUS cuz of all his schtick and (insanity/see Hinkley).

  • I feel that the bad guys will win this time around. The former CTU guys (Bill, Chloe, Curtis) and some of the current homeland people (Karen), and Audrey will be working on the outside. Jack will be apprehended and handed over to the Chinese, and all evidence will be destroyed. The season will end as David Palmer’s body is ceremoniously flown out of LA.

    One more major character will die. I’m betting on Audrey.

  • Jean Smart didn’t get to pay the unknown/unsung hero.

    Nobody major died.

    The way they left it the major support characters get most of a season break.Â

    We get to watch a Chinese Hero Action movie wherer the bad guy, Jack, gets his due.

    OH, well….
    Maybe Lost will leave us with a half dozen or 13 new unsolved mysteries…

    We still don’t know what the (#1) monster is that crushes the jungle as it passes through!!!
    Plus, what the hell is that (#2) Intelligent Smoke Monster?  Not the same as the above (#1)!!
    How will they bring the dead-hot babes(new characters Libby and Maria Conchita Rosa Alvarez Avita Magdalena Juanita Josita Gomez  😄 ) back to life for the show??
    ??Additional mysteries you want to have explained??

  • @El:

    ??Additional mysteries you want to have explained??

    Why so many people watch crap and think it’s good?  😛

    Oh wait…that’s a legacy! I cite only Knight Rider as an example.

  • The ending was not the way I would have ended it, but it was still pulled off well.

    By the way, Henderson is NOT dead. Jack staged his death.

    Next season will be interesting. I somehow feel that Sec. Defense Heller will pay a big role.

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