Updated Setup Cards Front/Back

  • I updated my setup cards to have a front and back side to them. The front being the setup and the back having purchase info, Attack and Defense, and Images to help with identifying pieces on the board…mainly the boats. We found we have had to get the rule book out to make sure we purchase the correct boats (Destroyer vs Cruiser). It can be difficult to identify and keep track of these units. You can print these out at a local print shop. I printed on thin PVC material and had them laminated. Here are the cards.

    USA Card5x3.2.png

    United Kingdom5x4.png

    Russia Setup 5x2.75.png

    Japan Card 5x4.3.png

    Germany card5x4.png

    USA Card-01.png

    United Kingdom-01.png

    Russia Setup-01.png

    Japan Card-01-01.png

    Germany card-01.png

  • Nice, did you have to print these and laminate them?

  • Yes, I had a print shop do everything cause I don’t have a color printer. I went with pvc material so the cards would last. Now the game cards serve a purpose after game setup.

  • I feel your pain. You might try a library if you want a color printer for free/cheap. But, it won’t look as nice. Those look great though!

  • I actually don’t mind paying. The quality is much higher usually when you can do it at a print shop. I created a custom battle board in Illustrator and had it printed also. Did some 3d Printing of the Industries too. And the Money of course. Also fixed the errors in the rule book and added in the errata. (I can give you this version if you want for some reason I am not allowed to post my correct rule book) This is what the game should have looked like imo, lol. And all of this fits in the original box, still!

  • I like the battle board. That was one of the things in 1942.2 that I did not like was that the gave you two stripsof cardboard instead of a battles board. I think that one looks good, I like the grey, I would have possibly done it in green if I were making one.

  • Lol yeh. I like blue so I went with it. You can use if you want, i uploaded the info here…


  • Thanks, I might see if I can get the image uploaded to an online place that does that for me.

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