Transporting/bridging troops clarification

  • I was introduced to A&A 2 months ago, since then I have brought 3 versions of the game. I love it, but there is one rule that is confusing me, transporting men.

    Q1- when sending men, artillery or tanks across water for example Britian to France or Italy to North Africa etc you can bridge with transport ships. Does this mean that if Germany was sending 1 infantry to Libya from Italy it would step over the Mediterranean Sea in 1 move. Or 1 move on to the transport second move off transport on to Libya?

    Q2- when America lands troop in North Africa across from SZ11, 12,13 turn1 troops loaded onto transport in SZ11, turn2 transport moves accross 2 SZ’s and offloads troops. Turn3 transport goes back accross to East America. Now here is my question. Can the next round of troops load on to transport now on this turn or does it have to wait for turn4?

    I hope this makes sense.

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    I might be able to help with your questions…
    Q1- bridging is basically loading and unloading a transport without moving the transport to a different seazone. The number of “moves” is probably irrelevant since none of the units involved would be able to move any further after unloading.

    Q2- You would be able to load the US transport upon its return to EUS…but since it has already moved it wouldn’t be able to go anywhere with its cargo.
    I hope this helps!

  • Official Q&A

    Q1- As long as the transport and land units belong to the same power, land units can load onto a transport, move on it, and offload from it in one turn.  What the land units cannot do is move either before loading onto the transport or after offloading from it.

    Q2- The US can load the units, move across, and offload in one turn.  On the next turn, when the empty transport moves back, land units can load onto it at the end of its movement in sea zone 11.  Transports can always load units in friendly sea zones as long as they have not already either offloaded units or been in combat in the current turn, the only restriction being that units loaded in combat movement must be loaded for the purpose of doing an amphibious assault in the same turn.

  • Thank you. The way I was doing it I always  found it hard to get the us troops to help in Europe quick enough.

    Is this a rule that runs through to 1914 as well? As I found the same problem in this version, US troops weren’t getting across the Atlantic to support fast enough.

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    Yes, it applies in 1914 as well.  Except, of course, for the bit about combat movement restrictions, as there is only one movement phase in that game.

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