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    Much has been criticized about this version, and much of the criticism is correct, because it fails in its main premise: to be a gateway for new players.

    -A manual that wastes a LOT of space, and does not include a complete developing of each face for a power as a example. It also does not include a glossary showing what the unit models are, such as if it is at the end of the 1940 manual. It does not include an IPC management table and industrial capacity, as if there were in 1940, for photocopying.
    -There are no aid cards for players.
    -And yes, there are not enough pieces to play optimally.
    All this makes new people get a bad impression of the franchise, even asking, if the other versions have the same shortcomings. Now, videos say that there are missing pieces to play well, but they don’t say which ones or how many.

    Those are my ideas:
    How many more pieces should the edition have (or you need to add).
    11 more gray chips
    1 die
    1 infantry and 1 destroyer, for USA
    1 destroyer, 1 infantry, 1 transport, for Japan
    1 submarine for Germany
    1 USSR infantry
    What pieces to subtract:
    2 green chips
    1 USSR submarine
    2 USSR transports

    If Zombies has money, I don’t understand why not 1941, which is supposed to be a more important issue, because it is introductory. They require:
    18 CPI of 1
    5 CPI of 5
    5 CPI of 10

    I would also add aeronautical movement counters, as in the revised edition:
    4 of 1, 4 of 2, 2 of 3, 2 of 4

    I tink a new production an sell cost increase, but now is in Amazon $18us, with those new pieces i believe, no more of $28us. ¿What do you think?

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