One turn delay is messing with us

  • I really think the one turn delay at the start of the game in terms of production is really messing with our minds.

    I put together a video to discuss this issue and how to deal with it.

  • Yea Im not a fan of the fact that no units start under production.

  • @oztea

    One way to get around the 1 turn delay in production is not be conservative on where you build your units. Germany and Russia have factories right on the front line. They can produce there and take the risk but the reward is those units appear right on the front line.

    It is a give and take. The big downside of this tactic is not only can they be strat bombed into kibble bits BUT your enemy can capture them and use them against you.

    You can also build right behind the front line in multiple locations in Germany and Russia. Not as much risk but good for building up a secondary/reserve force able to jump right into the action with out having to waste commands to move them. Once again some risk involved but a solution to this issue on the German/Russian front.

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