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  • Hi there !

    Yesterdag me and my brother played axis & allies for the first time… or tried to play… It took 4 hours to play  only 3 rounds !! Next week we try to solve our battle. Is this normal ??
    Right now it seems like the allies don’t stand a change against the axis power although we help eachother and try thinking of a scenario how the allies possibly can win… … so help please because to me a&a looks a fantastic game :-)…


  • 4 hours for 3 full turns is a bit long but not at all surprising, especially since you’re new to the game and discussing strategy with each other before either of you move. The guys I play with usually have all the Allies discuss their moves and both Axis discuss theirs so they work in unison and we end up averaging about 1 full turn an hour. When you get people who all play a lot and have seen it all before so they don’t have to discuss strategy that much, they usually play a full turn in 30-40 min. It’s a long game. That’s the big motivator behind the introduction of the minor victory conditions to make the game shorter.

    Actually, it’s pretty widely accepted that the Allies have a huge advantage in the game. Typically, the UK and US coordinate their efforts and execute some form of D-day and their is very little the Axis can do to stop it. Since your new to the game, here’s the basic strategy of going after Germany first in a nutshell…

    Russia buys nothing but infantry (they are mathematically the best defense for the money), but might throw in an artillery or something here and there. If Russia strays from this purchasing then they won’t have enough defense to hold out against Germany/Japan and the Axis will probably win. As long as they buy infantry and don’t get too aggressive they’ve done their job and the Allies are still the favorites because Russia will hold on long enough for the Western Allies to come help. It will take a few turns for the Western Allies to mobilize their economy, especially US, but it’s really really hard to for the Axis to stop. Have the Western Allies buy transports (make sure they are protected by other naval units, but never buy battleships… they are powerful but not worth the price) and many ground troops, mostly composed of infantry. The good thing about transports is that they can strike at any territory within 2 SZs. It’s hard for Germany to protect all those territories and the Allies end up going for one of the weaker defended ones. Germany can definitely slow down the Western Allies, but stopping them is an entirely different story.

  • you’re going to need alot of practice. I don’t even know where to start. To make things as simple as possible…try buying just infantry with Russia and a nice combination of transports infantry ,and armor with the other two. Next figure out a way to funnell all allied units into a place where they can support Russia.

  • If things are going to hard for one party…
    try restarting the game 🙂

    If you’ve made one mistake early in the game, it’s possible you will see the devastating effect of the mistake you made some turns later…
    here you can see it already:
    apparently, your allies did not work as ONE team…
    I believe that’s the first and best strategy to keep in mind!

    Otherwise, I can only recommend reading soime topics at the forum 🙂

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