Aircraft movement thoughts.

  • We played a game the other night and fighters attacked at their max distance. The battle itself lasted several rounds and at the end of the turn the fighters flew home. We got to talking about the fuel for the fighters and even bombers for that fact. Should they be able to stay on station for the entirety of the battle. There was no air to air refueling back then so is it really feasible for them to hang out for a long battle. We tossed around the idea of 2 or even 3 rounds of attack before they would have to fly home and every 2 or 3 rounds after would cost one movement point. Has this idea ever been considered ? what’s everyone’s thought on the concept ?

    Example. fighter flies 2 for the battle and gets (lets say 2 rounds once he arrives) then it must fly back after 2 rounds. If it fights longer than 2 rounds it cost’s a movement point.

  • Axis&Allies is a simulation at a Macro level.

    Unit movement ranges, territory boards, are more strategical in their relationship to each other rather than on a true scale of distance/movement capability.

    You are trying to inflict squadron level restrictions on units that are conceptual in size (i.e. what does one ftr REALLY represent?)  It is most certainly NOT one plane.

    While the idea you pose is great, it is for games played at a small unit level, not for Axis & Allies, IMHO.

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