• i have seen many times in this forum " Russia Restricted", wat’s that meant?

  • Russia Restricted is an option that prevents Russia from Attacking in Russia’s first turn.

    Russia may buy units, try for technology, but then they go directly to NON-COMBAT movement instead of Combat movement.

    Russia may move any forces they please within their own territory, or to allied territories, but can take NO offensive action of any kind against Germany or Japan… no naval attacks, no SBR’s, no movement into enemey territory, even unoccupied enemy territory.

    Russia may move and attack normally starting in Round 2.

    It is generally seen as an advantage for the Axis to have this restriction since it means Japan will still hold Manchuria and Germany will still hold Ukraine/Eastern/Norway and have all of their initial units on G1 and J1 respectively.

  • k, thanks

  • no SBR’s

    😄 Russia with bombs 😉

  • I was just being complete in my answer 😛

    And besides, I have played a few games where Russia started building bombers in R3…  Have to tell ya, it is a HELL of a strategy!  Stack and rack in Karelia, then bomb the hell out of Germany 1-2-3 Russia, UK, USA…  with US pouring forces in to Western and UK into Eastern…

  • I was just being complete in my answer

    Complete? 😄 How can it be complete when Russia doens;t have bombs on R1 :evil:

    Don’t take that too seriously, because I am smashed… Damn Seahawks…

  • Well, there are house rules that would allow Russia to have piece substitutions that might allow a Russia player to start with Bombers.  My point was that NO type of offensive action (and I listed all offensive actions) could be engaged in in RR.

    And no offense taken…  I understanding posting while intoxicated 😄

  • Hey, Russia with bombers is at least better than Russia with Battleships.

  • Actually, if Russia can buy 1 bomber early on, it is a FANTASTIC defense against a Japan IC on the mainland…
    15 IPC’s once for the loss of about 3 Japan INF every 2 rounds… nice economic trade there…

  • Purchase < 6 inf and Rus risks losing Kar by Ger2.

  • As so many have posted so often… Karelia is NOT the war

    And if Germany focuses too heavilly on it, the UK/US shuck can liberate it in UK/US3 or 4 anyway.

  • Forget about Karelia, both US and UK can have bombers in MOS by the end of round one that can serve the same purpose against JAP ICs. However with the first IC (provided it is not in India), the JAP player can simply transport an AA from Japan to the mainland the same turn the IC is bought at the cost of being able to ship two infantry that turn.

  • Give the Russia restricted rule a twist.

    Russia cannot attack Germany on their first turn, but can attack Japan instead.

    Germany gets initiative over Russia which has initiative over Japan.

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