2 Hit Battleships? Questions and new Ideas.

  • i’m sort of confused as to how they work. i’ll spare you the details but heres the question:

    when a battleship takes a hit, it is “tipped”. when does it “untip”?

    now, for details, if you care :)

    in the computer game, 2 hit BBs NEVER “untip”. the BBs take the hit, and keep it on forever.

    i forget where i read it, but i read on one manual (Pacifc? World?) that it untips after the battle, essentially giving you free hits to take. this is hwo we play, and i sincerely loathe it.

    one of my friends suggested that the hits remain until the battleship returns to the seazone a friendly IC on a non-combat move. this, i like a bit, thoughts? how would this impact the game (mainly the pacific)?

    i have also thrown around the idea of having the battleship hits remain until the ATTACKING players NEXT turn. this is pretty much the same way it is now, except it allows something like, America to hit a Japanese BB once, and Britian to finish it off. Also, the BB would only have 1 hit during the player’s turn.

    so, how do they really work, and do any of my ideas make sense enough to try? i’m playing a game tomorrow with my buds.

  • in world they never repair
    in europe/pacific they do at the end of battle

  • I’ve seen all these options. I am uncertain as to which is the official line.

    The group I usually play with goes by the “return to a friendly IC coast and untip it at the start of the player’s next turn” rule. So if it’s unprotected by other ships the enemy has a chance to finish the job…

  • EJ;s way of playing seems most logical to me. In any case discuss this with whomever you are playing and decide on a house rule. I’ve even considered paying a few ipcs to untip [repair} the BB.

  • This is one “rule” that probably will vary player to player, but the group I used to play with did it like El Jefe described. I do think some variation of this rule should be used as I always hated playing with just one hit battleships…just seemed such a waste of IPC in the game, and in a more realistic enviroment of course they could sail home for repairs, just had to make it there.

  • :o Jezel willakers!! Two people agree with me. 8)
    I think I’ll retire at the top of my game. :)
    Naah! :lol:

  • '19 Moderator

    In the world at war rules you have to sail the dammaged BB back to a friendly coast and pay 2D6 for repairs. Until it is repaired it can’t attack and defends at a 3.

  • Hmm! Is there a maintenance cost for the remaining fleet, air force and mech units, too?

  • '19 Moderator


  • I like that repairing cost idea…
    but then, trying to make A&A more “realistic”, means complex, well, then i play something else instead…

  • '19 Moderator

    I am begining to come to that conclusion myself. A&A realy wasn’t meant to be realistic I think.

  • Not realistic, but good looking with the nice counters, figures etc….
    somewhere out there is this funny thread about how to misuse them, and “acting out” fighters that attack etc…

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