• Hello, everyone. I just discovered this forum after cleaning out my attic and discovered my original copy of Axis & Allies 2nd Edition. I have owned it since new and played it a lot. So much, that I purchased another copy for the chips and dice. Now I am trying to find out how many red & white chips came in the game originally. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Doesn’t the instructions say how many chips?

    Also, since the chips are simply placeholders, I’m curious as to why the exact number of chips is important?  Their same function could be accomplished with a jar of changes (use pennies for red chips, nickels for white chips).  Did you buy the second set used and want to consolidate to a complete set?

  • You can buy just the chips alone for a few bucks. I have a thread on this in Variants. ( pieces are where to buy them)

    Also, you can call gamblers wherehouse in north Vegas and ask for a few bags of the mini chips in plastic .75 inch in red and white. A bag is about $1.85 of 100.

  • I just found a copy of the rules online and will have to check. Like I said, I have two copies of the game, but all of the chips are in one box and I’m certain some of them are missing (kinda like what happened to some of the dice). One of the games still has many of the pieces still attached to the plastic tree and the ipc’s were unused. I discovered this forum while I was playing tripe a and that’s what got me digging around in the attic. Thanks for your help.

  • Welcome back to the game Joyrider. I stopped playing for a little while and started playing back in about 97 and I am hooked again. Be careful Joyrider you may end up being like me and play and you won’t want to stop.

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