Paris Gun/Railway Gun for A&A1914

  • I recently picked up both the French Railway Gun and the Paris Gun from HBG. I’m curious how others have incorporated these units into their games of A&A1914. At the moment I’m torn between a strategic bombardment role (aimed at IPCs) and a long range support role (providing artillery support to combat in adjacent territories).

    Also, in terms of cost, I was thinking somewhere in the low double digits (12-15 range) - cheap enough that it can be bought in one turn, but expensive enough that a player will have to think about it before buying.

    Any thoughts?

  • I’d probably go with the strategic bombing, since that was how it was used during the war.

  • Treat it like a BB, bombardment from 1 territory into another territory under attack.  A4 D1 M1 C12

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