• OK here is a very specific question regarding how the rules work.

    Scenario:  Germany has built an unguarded tranny in the Med on G1.  Their other med naval forces are near Gibraltar, leaving SZ15 vacant.  Germany has taken Egypt, closing the Suez.

    Can UK fly their fig to Southern Europe sea zone to attack that tranny, and invade and attack Egypt to re-open the canal, and then send the UK AC through the canal to recover the fig in SZ15?

    The reason I ask is that, in order to send the FIG against that tranny, UK would have to comit to moving the AC to SZ15 BEFORE the results of the Egypt battle were known.  And if UK loses in Egypt, the FIG is not recoverable, making it a kamikazee flight which are not permitted under the rules.

  • Wow. Good question. Committing forces to move during noncombat, and that movement depends on combat movement resolving in your favor.

    My friends and I discussed this and decided that we would allow a fighter kamikaze attack in this situation, because it is not INTENDED as a kamikaze attack. So you could commit the fighters in the hopes that the canal came back into your control.

  • Perhaps not specifically as relates to canals, but there are cases where a naval battle could be between where an AC is, and where it HAS to go in non-combat to recover figs (perhaps the combat SZ itself).

    Unless addressed in tournament rules, this is not addressed in Standard rules.  New thread perhaps if no one posts an answer here?

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