• The only problem that I have seen is the fact that it lets Britains fleet run a little rampant for a while. See all that money you got?? Buy all tanks. In Africa, do the usual stuff. Send the infantry down, blitz the tank threw the country below it, then into egypt and send the other infantry into egypt. (not to sure of afrikas names). load two infantry fro Italy onto the transport, and move it and the battle ship into the sea zone outside egypt. Unload the men. they should be able to take the sub there. then, use your two subs and the transport outside of germany to attack the british main fleet. that is all. then,send all available troops, to attack karelia. Leave some to reinforce ukraine if you wish. odds are, the sovies wont bother with it. I think it is better to attack Karelia in the first turn, instead of waiting so they have a nice grouping of men there to throw at you. Place all the tanks you bought on the father land. On the second turn buy a fighter and some more tanks. attack the caucas if you want. Keep taking teritory in africa. hopefully Japan will be attacking Russia to, so they wont have so many men flowing into moscow. as soon as you feel the time is right, take Moscow.

  • WHAT…?

    Man you have missed something. WHat happens when your enemy desides to move all of his forces to Moscow. Then the British and the US send all fighters to Russia for defence.
    Your strat has failed because you are simply trying to take russia out imediately which is impossible against a solid enemy. With the US you can purchase 3 fighters the 1st round and with Britain you can get two. If you play it out right you can have 10 fighters in Moscow with many Russian Inf.
    This means you are good for one and only one attack your supply lines are stretched and extremely thin. Worse yet when you engage the odds are completely in your enemy’s favor. Plain and simple you’ll get

  • Even though this is historically inaccurate, the only way that Germany has the better odds of taking out Russia is if they do so later in th game.

  • Excuse me if I’m wrong, but what are you going to do about (RUS) takes NOR on RUS T1?

    Even worse, what are you going to do against (RUS) takes UKR on RUS T1?

    You also seem to have ignored that GER will not have the Blatic fleet on GER T1.

    Unless you are playing RR, which IMHO is far too easy for an experienced axis player.

    See ya


  • Looks like Moses has a good handle on the

  • Well I guess I will agree with myself and with others. IF you pit two equally matched teams against each other, the Allies (though not always) will win. In fact some players will go so far to include RR, 2-hit BB, Axis Advantages, and bidding in order to even out the sides. I myself will probably ask for RR and 2-hit BB when playing on side of the Axis. With what Russia can do on the opening move makes it seem stupid why not to otherwise.

  • Why wouldnt you play with 2 hit Battleships?

  • Mostly because it gives Japan and Germany the extra edge in the Pacific and Mediterranean. Plus it gives value to purchasing bb (24 IPCs apiece) and militaristically is correct. Within the end of the first turn I expect Axis to have 3 bb remaining (2 Jap, 1 Germ), while only one 1 US bb left.

  • To be honest…I don’t think the experienced Allies players will always win…I guess it all depends on the USSR’s first move. Germany can blitz through Karelia into Russia if the USSR makes even the slightest miscalculation. Once Russia and Karelia are secured, the Allies will be too devastated from the financial aspect and it’s only a matter of time before they fall. This is just my limited experience though.

    What do some of you do for the Soviet Union’s first turn? When playing Germany, I have never played against a USSR player who could keep Russia past the second round. How can one stop this?

  • On 2002-03-15 06:38, Gul’Dan wrote:
    Buy all tanks.

    This, general, means your dead. No infantry to soak of losses and prevent a nasty counter attack. Never, unless it will win you the game next turn, ever ever ever buy all Tanks. I have 7 infantry to every one of my tanks.

  • Yeah usually I won’t buy tanks until I have the necessary inf. to back them up (ie soak up causalities). But 7 to 1? Isn’t that a little overboard. I think a kind ratio of 3 to 1 (if your an offensive minded player) or 4 to 1 is all you need if you want to push the point. Remember, by waiting extra turns to build up your offensive fighting forces means you run the risk of stalling out.

  • Well, I tend to have a lot of fighters as Germany to make up for fewer tanks. But, 7 to 1 I keep for all my armies, with the exception of the US (6 to 1). Its just my preference.

  • as germany i buy 5 tanks and 2 inf on turn one. than soon mostly inf will take over…

  • On Turn 1, I will buy 1 Transport (8 IPCs) and 8 Infantry (24 IPCs)

  • can’t the british sub destroy that transport? and how about the bombers?

    so this strategy would be a germany that doesn’t attack right?

  • Ha for USA it’s more like all infantry and no tanks. Also I try to keep my ftrs. out of Kerilia for Germany (grr… bad memories). Besides, if you have a lower ratio of inf. to ARM you might throw off you Russian player into thinking you might be staging a possible attack. Besides, ARM are always good on strafing runs.

  • Buying all men for Germany ,i find, is always sound. For the first 3 or so rounds anyhow. Sometimes a fighter or two…… i think i wrote this in another thread…dumb.

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  • How dare you call your thread DUMB! Not only are you INSTULTING yourself but me. Buying all inf. ALWAYS works! As with maintaining a strong airforce, it is vital to Germany’s position. Please restore some faith into yourself.

  • LOL……i wrote dumb because i typed pretty much the same thing 2 minutes before in a different thread.

  • Ha. Who would’ve known. You almost game me a shock.

  • how would germany go on the offensive with all infantry? or are you relying on japan?

  • Ya, Im relying on Japan a little. However, IMO Germany has enough attacking 3’s and 4’s to start the game. Stacking up on men and maybe a few fighters is solid, for attacking and defending.

  • Infantry = Tanks when attacking
    Infantry > tanks when defending
    Edit - My Guide will explain this mathmatically (almost done! Having my hands tied in school atm)

    “History is just a set of lies agreed upon”

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  • Wait, what are you trying to prove? I think we all know the attack and defense of inf. and arm…

  • No, he’s talking about numbers not values in other words–if yer playing defensive, buy INF, if you are playing aggressive, go roughly 50%/50%.

    I agree with some reservations depending on circumstances–interested to see his #s


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