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    Bid usually goes to Europe, which means Russia’s pre-occupied there.

    I usually have 7 Inf in Manch with China holding 1.  I also have 3 fighters and a bomber and 3 transports to bring Oki, Wake and Japan island forces into Manch to reinforce.

    I find it’s a better move to force Russia to pull out of Yak or loose their infantry then to take Sink.  2 IPC for America isn’t going to pressure Germany as much as 2 IPC for Russia (actually 4 since you’ll own SFE on J2 concretely if they pull outta Yak.)

    Yea, they can start moving forces there, but on J2 the best they can do is a couple of fighters and a tank or two.  And that’s stripping naked on the German front.  Meanwhile, I have Hawaii which will remain mine forever and Sink isn’t a threat.  For that matter, India isn’t a threat.  I’ll keep moving transports around taking HI, Midway, NZ, Aus and Mad if I can.  I’ll just keep buying trannies or build ICs on the mainland while maintaining strong stacks of infantry opposing Russia.

    (In case you’re wondering, 1 Inf from Kwang, 2 Inf from FIC, FIG from Japan, FIG from FIC, FIG from Manch, BMB from Japan vs 2 Inf, 1 FIG in China.  Meanwhile, you have 3 Inf in Manch, 2 from Kwang plus 2 from Japan in Manch on J2.  Fighters can either land in FIC (assuming british withdrawel) or in Manch.)

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    You have to bid 1-2 inf to Man as well.

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    By taking China heavy on J1, you can then consoladate in Monglia on J2 if you wish.  With about 11 inf, thus forcing Russia out of Yak without fight or they lose Novo.  AgentSmith used to talk about this move.

    Or If you have the numbers on J2 you can take Sin heavy, again forcing Japan out of Yak without a fight or they lose Novo.

    You need to get to and hold Novo as quick as possible, everything else is secondary and you can pick up later.

    Position over IPC’s.  Again, Agent used to preach this.
    And it holds true for the most part.

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    Yes, or I can take Hawaii and do this anyway.

  • I hav elearned the hard way that, as Japan, you can NOT afford to reduce the flow to Asia (POSSIBLE exception of a mid to late game 1 turn effort to sidetrack the American shuck to Europe 2 turns before Japan striked Moscow).

    Moscow can be reinforced too heavilly, and every bit of fodder that can be gotten to Moscow by Japan is a dramatic increase in teh odds of taking it.  The longer your FIGs and BOM and ARM can fire without taking casualties due to INF screenign, the better your chances.

    In a 5 round battle, 2 extra INF can get you quite a few more hits, soaking up enemy 2’s in exchange for keeping your 3’s safe and shooting (and maybe even doing some damage themselves)


    I disagree there. Once you flood the continent with infantry,I believe IC’s can be very useful in kicking out tanks. But you do need to flood the area with infantry first.

    I recall reading some time ago that early on Jpn should use trn to move the inf.  After Jpn income > $40, use an IC (captured no? then buy one) to build Arm.

    The reasoning came down to cost efficiency.

    On a basis of 6 ground units;

    3 trn  ($24) can carry 6 inf or 3 arm.
    2 IC’s ($30) can build 6 inf or 6 arm.  So the IC should be used for arm, and trn used for inf from the home islands.

  • Personnally, after putting down 25-30 inf to the mainland,

    I would get an IC and start adding arm for the showdown in Moscow.  I could get all armor builds for 2 turns, then ftrs, then bmrs so everything can reach the Rus capital for the takedown assault from Novo.

    Still that would be 4 rounds, so Ger needs to be strong enough defensively and economically ($30+/turn) to hold out.

  • Don’t forget, that as Japan, you want to get 2-3 fighters to Germany by say round 4 or 5 to help Germany defend. You can land them in Egypt after you have held it for a round, or if by some miracle Germany has managed to keep Egypt for that long.

  • You can also use an Indian Ocean AC as a bridge point, or Persia.  Lastly, you can get them to Germany from Evenk or Novo in one turn via NCM.

  • I kinda thought the attack on pearl was mandatory, otherwise that fleet will bite you in the ass in the atlantic… Just go the easy way with 3 inf and 2 trannies. I assume You put 1-2 inf on man with your bid. Do the standard stuff, take Chi heavily, go after Pearl, with either everything or min forces. Get your forces from the islands and go after Russia. Build your first IC’s on the mainland in turn 3-4 and you should be fine. Let the Germans violate neutrality in Mongo, so in J2 you have a lot of options to cut of the Russians.

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