• I am having trouble playing with Germany. I cannot seem to keep Eastern Europe from falling to the Russians. My first round buy is normally 4 tanks and 4 infantry. I normally take out the British fleet, and move two inf. from Southern Europe to attack Egypt. I then try and consolidate my forces iinto EE with eveything that can be moved there, usually about 5-7 inf, 5-6 armor, and 3 fighters. On R2 they normally attack EE and wipe a considerable force (they move everything into Karelia on R1 + 8 inf from Purchase). Is there any hope for the germans to stay in the game. We are playing RR, with no bid, and sometimes with Axis advantage. Thanks

  • Try buying only inf first round, or inf + 1 tank. If Russia should get lucky enough to take EE, then you should have no trouble taking it back on G2. I consider it a premature attack that will weaken Russia in the future.

  • morty has some good suggestions.
    Please, remember that Germany must DEFEND(read “BUY INFANTRY” here)against 3 Allies while Japan eats up USSR.
    Another is 8 inf & 1 tran on G1 then the ‘All inf w/ 1 arm if 2 extra IPC’s available’ plan until you outnumber the Russians. The tran goes in the C Med sz and the BB and tran there stay, moving 2 inf over to Lib. The trans can be used to move inf to Caucuses after you have a couple of loads of inf to Africa.

    Noncombat Movement: Pull back all but 1 inf from Ukr/move most units to E Eur including the 2 arm in W Eur. Move 2 inf from Germany to W Eur and 2 inf to E Eur.

    Figure your odds on attacks. Some people do not use the German tran as foder in the UK sz. they wait and load 2 inf and move them to Alg or E Eur during Noncombat Movement(the ftr also lands in E Eur after hitting the UK sz) leaving Fin/Nor for easy loss but saving forces for other attacks/defenses.

  • Germany must defend on three fronts…
    Eastern Europe, Africa and Western Europe.

    You should disable the allies fleet as long as possible and hold your territory in Africa as long as possible.

    Buy 8 inf and 1 transport on T1 (you can attack Egypt with maximum force on T2)

    Keep buying infantry and hold the russians at base untill the Japs are at the gates from Moskou/.

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