• Do you think that Russia can survive against Germany.  Also I would like to list and interesting first turn build for Russia, two fighters and a piece of artillery.  What do you think of this?

  • Russia can definitely survive, no question.  And yes, that is a very interesting first turn build.  I’ve always considered having Russia improve their air force, even though I’ve never tried it myself…  😐

  • They can surive.

  • Russia can absolutely survive as long as the threat of allied landings (or actual landings, of course) can keep the German player from launching an all-out offensive. If no pressure is applied to Germany at all I fear for Russia’s survival.

    As to the purchase, you will very quickly find yourself to be short of infantry on the front. The only way it works is vs. a very inexperienced German player. Occasionally, vs. someone who is learning the ropes, I’ll purchase one fighter to give myself more flexibility on all fronts. Land forces are the only way to take and hold land, which is key to winning the economic battle- it’s not enough for Russia to simply trade territories, which is the probable outcome of a commitment to buying two fighters. As a German player, I’d feel like I had already won if I saw two Russian fighters purchased on the first turn.

  • There is a very interesting use for a 2 fighter-buy in the first round. Place all your fighters in Caucasus (4 total). If Germany chooses to do the traditional first turn anglo-egypt attack with the trans/battleship, Russia can destroy that little med navy next turn. It is costly for Russia to lose some/most of those fighters, but shutting off Germany from Africa early is pretty devastating. At the least Germany won’t try to take Anglo-Egypt first turn, which the UK will thank you for as he can fiddle around with those troops to his liking.

    It’s quite possible to survive against Germany unless he has all of Africa and the UK is doing nothing about it. The key is being aggressive and realizing that you can actually extend your borders to Ukraine/Belorussia with no problems since West Russia/Caucasus are great staging grounds. Send troops built in Moscow to West Russia. Germany has farther to travel from his complexes so he has a much tougher time keeping those territories. You can swallow up them and if Germany is foolish enough to try to counterattack those places then slam him with your forces that you have in west russia/caucasus. Be careful of going farther though, you kinda want to wait until Germany’s bleeding more until you thrust in for the kill.

  • I’d put one of the ftr in Anglo-Egypt.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Interesting. I shall try myself.

  • just depends on who your fighting….

    I usually to what i call the standard build … 8 men… but ahh then sometimes i might go with a couple tanks on the first turn if i am feeling a little too aggressive… but ahh what the hell try it out worst that could happen is a quick game…

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