How much do you play and think about A&AR

  • It might just be my friend and me but we know the set-ups by heart and discuss the game  every day for 30 minutes at least and play two games per day at least with by ourselves and with each other every chance we get, is this normal?, or are we obsessed?  Also what about you, how often do you play this game?

  • Well, I would gladly play it at least once a week, but I can never get anyone in my immediate area to commit to playing a game with me.  However, I think about it all the time!  So, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a vote that suited me best.  😞

  • …and anyway, the games I have played, we played very long.  First off, we usually (95% of the time) play with different team set-up.  And secondly, we play until there is an ultimate victor (or until a game goes for like, two months or so)  If you haven’t already, try these:

    Ger+Rus vs. Everyone else
    Ger+US vs. Everyone else
    Jap+US vs. Everyone else

    Also, in our games, when one power falls for good, we rearrange the teams, in order to keep things fair.  (And to contribute to the ultimate victory factor, mentioned above.)  😉

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    You should have added “Quarterly” which is where I stand… I play whenever I can get guys together (last time I played was late June Early July)… Thinking about it… everday :lol:


  • My old A&A crew, from when I lived in Albuquerque, (of which justus and DonkeyPunchNightmare are members) would be glad to play all the time.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m getting rusty, because they play fairly often, while I play once ina blue moon, at best.  For this reason, much of mine and justus’ phone conversations are about - you guessed it - A&A!

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