Gas Prices… And it's solution?

  • @cystic:

    This is a 100 year old house. It is well insulated with a granite foundation and walls. The heating is forced air which goes into every room. The windows are double glass. My big problem is going to be the heat in the summer. I will need to get central air for this, i believe. If you ever make your way here, you are welcome to see it.

    Thanks for that offer.
    Should you ever go to northern Germany, tell me and i will show you around.
    For the insulation and the summer: Wether you need air conditioning or not will mainly depend on how well the roof is insulated. Insulation works both ways :). It will get hot in the attic/loft, not in the lower rooms. I have heard that argument here as well (they don’t have well insulted homes here because of the summer… they seay), but if insulation keeps warm air in, it will also keep warm air out. Leaves the heat from direct radiation. For that, you need the attic. Air insulates well, and as long as there is not much air exchange between attic and rest of the house, you should be safe. … Well, you will see in summer wether i am right or wrong i suppose 🙂

  • Gas is stilll cheap. it is 2.30 where I live and my driving habits are yet to change. At least suv sales are down 20%.

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