G40 elevenjerk (axis) vs stalingradski (allies +9)

  • Count me in! I need continuous work on my Allied play, and you gave me a serious run for my money last game. I need to improve quite a bit.

    Hmmm… German play. Because it’s been awhile, I can’t remember exact moments - but I do remember one thing in particular - try a steady diet of at least some infantry moving to the front. Yes they’re slower, but they’re cheaper. And they go just as well with bombers  😄  In a G4/J4, the idea is to wear your opponent down with attrition, and build up for the kill. It doesn’t always work, but that’s the idea.

    You bought a lot of tanks, and those tanks mostly all died. For the same amount of money, you’d have double the units. When you’re committing to air power the way you do, those infantry are much better casualties than armor. The other thing is that steady waves of infantry leave no gaps in pressure - no let up. It can have a demoralizing effect on your opponent to see stacks of 4 - 6 infantry lined up and moving behind the lines toward Moscow all the way from Berlin  🙂

    That’s all I can remember, but you came very close to cracking me using your style, and Russia had a lot of luck, so…

    I think we used a 9 bid before - I’d like a UK sub in SZ98 and an Anzacian infantry in New Guinea, please!

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