Allied Attack

  • This is an idea Ive wanted an opinion on for a while now. The idea of allied attacks. At any point and time you can call for an allied attack. For example: Lets suppose that Germany has a strong hold in Canada after throwing out the British. Japan has also managed to take Mexico, remember this is all hypothetical. Now its Japans turn and they dont enough forces in Mexico to take the U.S. by them selves, they can converse with the German player and ask if they wanted to do an allied attack. If the German player agrees they can move the units of their choice into the U.S. while the Japanese player also moves in. The sacrafice that Germany would make in order to do an allied attack is that they would jave to skip their upcoming turn only for one round. This idea works the same for both the axis and allies.

  • It’s not bad…

  • i like the idea, but it needs some tweaking. seem like right now, it just makes it too easy to bitch slap a country.

  • I think it would make things too easy for the allies. Question, though: Britain calls an allied attack on Finland, they and the Russians move in, would those Russians get to non-combat back to Karelia on t2?

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